it server installation intercomm systems brilliantview Brilliant View Ventures Ltd. Contact Us We are Front-line Information Technology and ICT Company in Nigeria. We’re Experts in Computer Systems, Networking and Information Communication Technologies. it server installation intercomm systems brilliantview IT/ICT Supply & Support Services. Contact Us We Supply High-quality Products in Digital and Voice Communication, Solar Power Systems, CCTVs, Intercoms, Wireless Radios, Network Routers, and Computer Parts.

We sell and install photovoltaic solar energy systems, solar panels, solar street lights, DC electric inverters, circuit breakers, solar battery storage and roof mounting systems.


We supply intercom telephones and voice communication gadgets; two-way wireless radios, visitors talkback or door phones, office table phones, hard-wired VoIP phones


We sell and maintain all kinds of computer hardware and software systems; computer peripherals, desktop computers, laptops computers, printers and other USB devices.


We sell and install surveillance cameras and CCTVs; both wired and wireless, street video cameras, door locks, access points, motion dictators, security and fire alarm systems.

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Brilliant View Ventures Ltd

Brilliant View Ventures Ltd is a front-line information technology and ICT company in Nigeria. We’re experts in installation and configuration of computer systems technologies, computer networking and digital information communication technologies.

We sell, install and maintain different types of intercom telephony systems, wireless security cameras, video surveillance CCTVs; renewable solar energy systems, computer network routers, switches, and network servers. We supply all kinds of IT infrastructure devices, office equipment and provide general contracts.



As a leading ICT constant in Onitsha, Abnambra State Nigeria; our commitment is in the quality of services delivered through our network designs, technical infrastructure management, installation services, office equipment supplies and maintenance of the operational facilities required to drive your business forward.



To ensure customer satisfactions and project sustainability through the effective application of modern engineering technologies and project management practices.

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