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Closed circuit television camera commonly known as  (CCTV)  is security system that helps in detecting crime within an environment when installed.

The benefits of close circuit television camera have played a major role in different aspect of our social and economic life.

Close circuit television camera is an advanced modern technology that is used in business premises, residential houses, and streets.

The close circuit television camera is use in detecting crime. It also helps in giving reliable evidence in crime related cases.

Closed circuit television camera ( CCTV ) comes in different specifications and types; such as

Bullet Cameras, C-mount Camera, Dark fighter technology Camera, ANPR/LPR Camera, Internal and External Dome Camera,

Day/Night Camera, PTZ , Tilt,  and Zoom Camera, Discrete CCTV Camera, Varifocal Camera, Network Camera,

High Definition Camera, and Thermal Image/ Infrared Camera

This article will highlight the importance of closed circuit television in key important aspect of our lives and business.


 Essential  Benefits of Closed Circuit Television Camera


#1.   Detection of crime

Closed circuit television camera has helps allots in detecting crime within business premises and also settle dispute between employees.

Brilliant View Ventures Ltd is a front-line information technology and ICT company in Nigeria. We’re experts in installation and configuration of wireless security cameras, and video surveillance CCTVs.

We sell, install and maintain different types of intercom telephony systems, computer systems technologies, computer networking and digital information communication technologies.

Other products include renewable solar energy systems, computer network routers, switch, and network servers. We supply all kinds of IT infrastructure devices, office equipment and provide general contracts.


#2. To give concrete evidence

This is one of the most important aspects of installing close circuit television cameras in your business environment.

It helps in keeping record of all the activities that have been happening within your business environment.

Take For example; CCTV cameras can play a vital role in providing evidence when a crime happened within a period of time.

With the help of CCTV cameras, you can replay the recorded videos and get reliable information or evidence of the crime that have happened.


#3. Residential surveillance

Installing close television cameras in your home is cost effective and reliable which can possibly help you in regular checks of all the activities happening in your house while you are away.

Close television camera  can also give your family the total peace of mind in terms of insecurity challenges like burglary.

If you want to guard your house against illegal entries, you can contact us for surveillance cameras and CCTV installation. We provide both wired and wireless CCTV cameras, street video cameras, door locks, access points, and motion dictators.


#4. It helps to minimize cost

Installing closed circuit television cameras in your business premises and homes helps in reducing cost in terms of hiring security guards.

It simply helps to monitor all unusual activities that happened at a given time in your business environment.

As a leading ICT Company in Onitsha, Anambah State Nigeria; our services includes:

  • – CCTV sales and Installation both wire and wireless,
  • – Fire Alarm Systems
  • – Motion dictator installation
  • – Street camera installation
  • – Hotel door locks and Access Points,
  • – Surveillance CCTV Cameras
  • – Automated door installation
  • – Image and Security Cameras,
  • – CCTV Security plan


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