Roles Of Educational Technology In Nigeria

the use of information technology in business can help  you get new customers and increase sales.

Information Technology can simply be explained as the application and the technical use of system software, hardware and modern telecommunication technologies

Business owners and companies have employed the use of modern information technology in their businesses to improve customer experience, employee satisfaction, minimize cost, and also to increase sales and conversion rate.

Information Technology has also influence positively in our business growth and industrial processes from the stage of production, manufacturing, branding and packaging.

The use of this information technology has impacted greatly in businesses growth and industrial development.

This article will show you several amazing ways the use of modern information technology can help grow your business to get new customers and increase sales


 Key Use Of Information Technology in Business


#1:  Manufacturing & Production

The use of modern information technology in industrial production and manufacturing have served hugely in the increase of output of production, less consumption of time, and also reduce the use of man power in production processes.

A lot of businesses and companies have employed the use of modern information technology such as computer software and applications in monitoring the rate of production processes and workflows.

The invention of 3D printing devices is one of the modern technological innovations used in manufacturing industries in the making of jewelries, customizes artworks, shaping of metals and plastics.


#2:  Digital Communications

Communications is one of the key strategies in fast-tracking business deals and growth. The invention of modern information technology have also influence greatly several means of communications in our business.

For example, video conferencing is the major breakthrough in information technology when it comes to virtual and motion graphic communication.

This involve the use of applications such as zoom, Google  hangout, go to meetings, blue jeans, slack, and  Skype in conducting job interviews, holding meetings, and communication with employees and clients without physical meeting arrangements.


#3:  Network Security

The security of our business files, information and environment is one of top priorities in ensuring business growth.  Information Technology has helped us in developing standard security system that protect our data, and also detect crimes within our business premises and technical infrastructures.

This innovation includes the use of cybersercurity system in protecting our business files and data from cyber crimes; and also the installation of CCTV cameras within our business premises to detect unusual movement and unauthorized criminal accesses to our facilities.


#4: Online Marketing Strategies

The way of creating awareness about your business or advertisement has change from the traditional word of mouth to digital marketing campaigns.

Digital marketing is the art of marketing a product online, selling goods and services in the internet using innovative digital tools and campaigns strategies.

Social media is also one of the fast growing platforms in advertising and selling our product to the wider world. Examples of this social media marketing medium include Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram.


#5: How Brilliant View Ventures Can Help

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We sell, install and maintain different types of intercom telephony systems, hard wired and wireless security cameras, CCTVs; and solar power systems. We configure computer network routers, switches, and network servers.

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