The Use OF Information Technology In Business act of ICT on Nigeria economic growth

 This post covers the impact of ICT on Nigeria economic growth. Information communication technology (ICT) comprises of all the use of modern networking system, mobile and computer applications software in our social economic lives.

The emergence of  information and communication  technology in the 21st  century have impacted greatly in various sector of Nigeria economic such as  education, health, security, and the banking sector.

The  impact of ICT on Nigeria economic growth have contributed greatly in various sectors such as the use of    modern networking systems in businesses, security surveillance via the use of CCTV cameras, mobile phones, and application software that is driving the digital age.

The banking sector for example is one of the body that have hugely benefited from the use of information technology (IT) and information and  communication technology (ICT) in the Nigeria economic.

The invention of bank verification number (BVN), surveillance cameras, and CCTV installation in the banking sector have reduces fraud and crime rate is a classical example of the impact of ICT on Nigeria economic.

The use of modern networking devices, smart mobile phone applications such mobile banking, points of sales (POS) machines, and the ATM machines have make bank transactions mush easier than before over the years.

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The federal government of Nigeria has also adopted the use of ICT frameworks in tackling the high rate of unemployment in the country. This is aimed at improving the standard of living and national growth.

The introduction of ICT skills acquisition program in National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) scheme and entrepreneurship courses in schools curriculum in Nigeria will boost our educational system. This is another way to equip our young graduates in the starting up of their own businesses, which will help in tackling the issues of unemployment in Nigeria.

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