Roles Of Educational Technology In Nigeria

The roles of educational technology in Nigeria have been a major factor in the improvement of Nigeria system of education.

According to Wikipedia,  educational technology is the combined use of computer hardware, software, and education theory and practice to facilitate learning.

It can also be defined as the study of technology in which students learn about the process and useful knowledge related to technology.

Educational Technology has impacted positively in our educational system with the gradual changes from our traditional classroom system of learning to the combined use of online teaching technique to enhance learning process.

These can be make possible by gaining access to internet networking system.

This article will show you several ways the roles educational technology have contributed positively in our Nigeria educational system.

With the involvement of the roles educational technology in Nigeria system of education,  useful learning materials can easily be access through the use of internet in the form of videos, E-books, visual images, articles, journals, project works and relevant topics for easy learning and better understanding.

Students that have access to internet connection can also benefits from social media channels such as YouTube for video online tutorials and lectures.

Educational Technology  have also help in improving our standard of education in the aspect of using advance computer software’s and applications in demonstration in classrooms and lectures.

This will no doubt improve our practical approach to learning and easy communication between teachers and students for better understanding.

Many Nigeria tertiary institutions have make further steps in integrating the use of educational technology in their strategies policies of education development by equipping lecturers, researchers and students with advance technology.

Important area in which  educational technology have make an impact in higher institution includes, online checking of students results, online course registration, students payment portals , online printing of school fees receipt, and most importantly the introduction of E- library in Nigeria tertiary institution.

Students which have internet browsing phones and computers can also gain free access to internet through the introduction of wireless wifi connection within the school campuses.

This will definitely helps students in facilitating their projects work, fast completion of assignments, and also have access to online tutorials.

Educational technology has also helps university lecturers in further pursued of their career in opting for online professional programs and certification such as Masters Degree, MBA, PHD.

Educational technology have provide  allots of benefits associated with running  online professional programs, such as simple procedures of registration, scheduled of classes at your leisure time, reduction of cost, management of stress and many more to benefit from.

I guess you have gotten some important points how Educational technology (Edtech) have impacted positively in Nigeria educational system as listed in the article.

Let’s look at another vital role of Edtech in Nigeria Educational system such as creating digital awareness to students in learning high income skills such as web design, graphic design and digital marketing.

I personality recommended university students in learning  all or one of these skills which will surely help them in raising fund to pay some of their bills and also have an edge in securing high paying job because alots of company are looking for candidates that are highly  skills that will contribute to their growth and objectives.

Students can also improve in their academic performance by learning STEM skills which is needed in excelling in Science, Engineering, Technology, and Computer science, Statistics, Software Development, Psychology and Dentistry etc.

Examples of these STEM skills that students can learn and improve their academic performance are listed below.

  • Creativity
  • Analysis
  • Statistics
  • Digital literacy
  • Communications
  • Collaboration
  • Inquiry skills
  • Problem solving skill

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