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We Design and supply high quality products in voice communication industry, such as Intercoms, Wireless Radios, Routers, computer systems and other unique range of important products used by companies, organisations and private/public offices.
Contact us for install and maintenance of all kinds of computers, printers and other multi-functional machines like photocopy machines, scanners, fax, and laminators.

Our products and Services

  • Solar power systems
    – Solar power system installation, solar street light installation
    Intercom phone systems
  • Intercom phone¬†
    – installation, wireless radio phone kids door phones
    – Point of Sales Machine,
    – Automated Teller Machines,
    – Wireless Radios, Routers,
    – Mobile and Office Telephony
    – Intercoms, GSM/CDMA phones
  • Computer systems
    – Sales and maintenance of computer systems,
    – Desktop computers, Laptops, Projectors, Webcams
    – Computer server instillation, Computer networking services both LAN and Wireless
  • Security systems
    – CCTV sales and Installation both wire and wireless,
    – Fire Alarm Systems
    – Motion dictator installation
    – Street camera installation
    – Hotel door locks and Access Points,
    – Surveillance CCTV Cameras
    – Automated door installation
    – Image and Security Cameras,
    – Security plan

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